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In the exhibition hall of the Union of Mongolian Craftsmen. 


public exhibition guidelines

Project initiator:

People's artist Sh. Chimeddorj, winner of the state award
Honored cultural figure P. Tsegmid
MUE President P. Ganbat

Main content of the project: 
In addition to territorial integrity of the country, the concept of independence does not take into account the features of national thought and common spiritual values of the people, and this topic is the main content of the project. In terms of the political situation, Mongolians regained their national freedom and regained their independence in 1911, and in 1924 they approved the first Constitution and proclaimed their constitutional state. , independence of mind cannot be neglected. As the world changes, it is the responsibility of creators and policymakers in the cultural sector to introduce and promote the features of national thinking, cultural orientations, and values in modern society and young people.

Project Objective: 
The aim is to strengthen the concept of independence in the society by bringing to the public works that express cultural and spiritual independence, which contain national features and their own unique nature through visual art works.

Type of artwork:
- Basic painting
- Sculpture
- Mongolian photo 
- Graphics

Prize Fund:
Gram prize 10,000,000 MNT

Requirements for the work:
- To be created at a high professional level
- Must be made of basic materials
- Do not copy anyone's work
- Completely dry, frames, frames, hangers must be in accordance with standards
- The name of the work, the name of the creator, the size and the material are clear 
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Acceptance of works:
It will be accepted at MUE exhibition hall from November 16, 2022 to November 22, 2022.


- Rider Gallery, 
- Mongolian Craftsmen's Union
- Association of Mongolian Galleries

Opening of the exhibition:
11/25/2022 Sun 
At 15.00 Mongolian Artisans Union 
In the art gallery

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