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In the exhibition hall of the Union of Mongolian Craftsmen. 


"Sculpture 2022" joint exhibition of all professional sculptors of Mongolia, initiated by the sculpture association under the "Union of Mongolian Artisans" and organized in cooperation with the Monumental Decoration Association, was successfully opened. About 130 works of more than 70 sculptors were exhibited at this exhibition. There was a joint exhibition of sculptors in 1983, and the current exhibition is unique in that, after 39 years, sculptors from different generations have come together to hold a joint exhibition. As part of the exhibition, on Saturday, 11/12, there will be an open meeting for sculptors and visual art enthusiasts at 1:00 p.m. in the exhibition hall, and on 11/19, sculptors will draw risunk nabrosok for life portraits and full body sculptures. The exhibition will continue until November 22, 2022 at the Gallery of the Mongolian Craftsmen's Union.

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